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Dear Students & Parents,

I am very pleased to have the opportunity of looking after physical fitness, mental growth, alterness of your dear child.The aims and objectives of this Institution are to bring up its pupils spiritually oriented, socially concerned, nationally concious, appreciative of our culture, emotionally balanced and imbued with the spirit of sportmanship at the highest level i.e
But there is no need to mention that this noble aim cannot be achieved without your co-operation therfore, you are requested to co-operate us by looking into the student’s Diary and follow the suggestions given by the school. You are also requested to go through the occasional remarks by the subject teacher(s), P.E.T.(s) and the Principal regarding coming late in school, lacking in performance, failing in hometask etc.

Please ensure that the school does not undertake any responsibility, what so ever, of any damage or injury which might be caused to a student as a result of accident either in the school premises or out side the school or in the transport provided by the school or in any other manner like games and sports. The school may, however, take all possible precautions. We shall appreciate your valuable suggestions which may be conveyed to us through Diary or by joining each Parents Teacher Meeting organised by the school frequently. Wishing you and your child all the best in life.

Pramod Rathi